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What some of our clients say about their experience:

C.R.   I've been coming here for 17 years and find the stretching and joint work has supplemented my workout routine at the gym for keeping me strong, flexible and pain free - I am 71 years old.     Mar. 2020

P.K.     This is by far the best massage I've ever had.  I disappear into bliss and will be making this part of my regular health routine.  Feb. 2020

M.G.    During Kriya sessions and with Susan's guidance, I am learning how to listen to my body and how to be ahead of issues before they become a physical problem.   I feel in control of my health.  Jan. 2020

E. L.   This is the deepest relaxation I have ever felt, the stress of the world disappears.      Dec. 2019

P.L.    The massages have greatly helped my stress level and my sleep.     Sept. 2019

D.C.    Perfect ambiance, very professional, deeply relaxing massage.    Aug. 2019

B.T.     I have an extremely stressful job and massages help to keep my neck and shoulders relaxed and free from pain.    Jun. 2019

M.W.   Each session is always custom to my needs. Susan is very knowledgeable and helps keep my pain under control.    Mar. 2019

S.J.     The combination of CST and massage have been helpful to relieve my chronic neck pain and stress from long hours behind the computer.  Jan. 2019

G.R.    My massage sessions were instrumental in getting back on my feet from a serious back strain - Kriya is surprisingly great!       Nov. 2018

A.G.   My (CranioSacral) sessions relieved jaw pain from adjustments to my (orthodontic) braces.      Sept. 2019




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